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Presentation and Storytelling

Knowing your message is not the same as showing your message. Learn the subtle nuances of delivery that raise authenticity and illicit positive responses. Your voice, your appearance, and your presence should all match your brand.

Speaking Coach

You need eyes and ears on the outside to show you the action steps that will lead to improvement. Stop repeating the same speaking mistakes! Master your nerves and master your consistent delivery. Whether it’s on-site, in the studio, or online, Paul’s customized approach gets results.

Speech Writer / Author

Effective speech writing requires knowing how to leverage human listening behaviors. Messages that truly resonate follow a fairly predictable structure. You have to recognize how we all hear and process in a public speaking setting. The golden words are there, you just have to learn how to discover them.

Public Speaking

Leadership training requires keen insights into relationship building, motivation, decisiveness, interpersonal skills, and effect public speaking. Knowing your message is not the same as showing your message. Your voice, your appearance, and your presence should command the room and persuade at the highest level.

Accent Reduction

Understanding the rhythm of American English is the key to reducing any accent. There are definitely shortcuts and exercises that will guide you to increased confidence in your delivery.

Presentation Consultant

Most presentations are heavy on the content but lack a strong sense of direction. Effective body language and stagecraft, along with mitigating public speaking anxiety, are top presenter’s priorities and top presentation skills.

Voice Enhancement

Enhancing your voice means getting more of your body involved. When speaking the same old way doesn’t cut it anymore, approaching your speech technique as a full-body expression gives you greater access to your true, natural voice.

Speech Writing

Sometimes your ideas need a solid structure to put them on full display. We will take the time to fill in the blanks; this serves as the glue that holds everything together.


Changing rhythm and pitch can alter the entire meaning of a sentence or paragraph. Exploring voice-over techniques with our guidance will help you create authenticity and creativity on stage


Become a confident speaker, engaging and influential communicator in every situation.

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